Proud to help families

There are many kinds of families and we are here for all of them!

There are several types of families

We are there for each of them! Can you name them all?

Nuclear family

The child lives with both parents, married or not.

Single parent family

The child lives with one parent (or both in shared custody).

Blended family

The child lives with a parent who has entered into a new union with another partner.

Homoparental family

The child lives with both parents of the same sex or gender.

Adoptive family

The child lives with non-biological parents.

Our mission

Single Parent Family Resource Centre is proud to have been helping families since 1975. Specializing in single parents, the non-profit organization offers its support without distinction and, above all, with great admiration for the resilience and strength shown by single parents.

We will do everything in our power to defend your rights!

Are you going through a breakup, either in your family or in your relationship? We are here to welcome you, help you and support you in the stages of your personal and family reorganization. Here at CFM, we also want to foster friendship, mutual support and personal growth through socializing activities.

Territories served

To benefit from the services of accompaniment-transportation, food aid and clothing assistance, members must live in the territories of Tewkesbury, Stoneham, Lac-Beauport, Lac St-Charles and the borough of Charlesbourg.

Our service components

Find out what we have to offer based on your needs.

Food Aid

Food distribution
Emergency repair
Christmas baskets
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Welcome, listening and references
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Material help

Clothing repair
Relay layers
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Social activities
Spontaneous meeting cafés
Open Window
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Transport request
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Individual meetings
formal or ad hoc
Accompaniment to court
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Satisfied families